A Memory worth sharing!

My wife and I had a discussion last night about the content of my blog. She asked me “why there is a “You & I” category in the blog menu, what is that for?” I replied proudly that the category is intended to be space for sharing our story, that is why it is called “You & I”. She was excited until the next question, “How many post have you written in that?” Well, I had to be a politician to answer that. First of all, considering the fact that I had so much to do lately, therefore I had no time to write a lost of post as I used to do. Second, we had more than five years on a long distance relationship situation so that we did not have enough time to interact. Lastly, we just have been married for one year, life together and know each other in such a short period. Therefore, there is only one post that I have written about us :). Is that acceptable? She kept quite, was starring at me, then said “in that case you have to write immediately otherwise you might be in trouble in the very near future”.

Alright, here we go. A post about the story of our wedding, which has been beautifully compressed in these two moving-images videos. I hope it can clarify the situation then, cheers!

The Video (Thanks to KiKUK Creative)


The Photographs (Thanks to Gerobak Photography)



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