How The Economic Machine Works

It is hard to explain why I am interested in the world of economic, concerning my background as an engineer and recently studying the supply chain management. However, reminiscing the past, I have been interacting with this topic for years. I had grown up in a typical middle class working family in the 90’s, which obviously found economic as a problem. Life was hard back then. Every penny should be tracked just as fierce as tracking mouse in the house. Eyes, ears, even noses were set up to scrutinise them. We all got a strong awareness on keeping the economy of family moving forward. That was the first time I learn the concept of loan, credit, interest, saving, and other related terms. Yep, my family had to take numerous loan for living, pursuing our dream, flipping destiny.

 Up until now, I found that economic is a fascinating topic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I regret on being an engineer or supply chain practitioner. What I am trying to say is the concept economic is relevant in any manner. In fact, it can be considered as the art of living, the art of acquiring, spending, managing, and giving money for good things. In this term, Ray Dalio has outlined the mechanism of economic, the concept behind the wheel, which is important to understand in order to thrive. Do spare your precious 31 minutes reviewing below video and find yourself become an economist. No need to take the Economic 101!


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