What is Supply Chain Management?

Before you continue to read this post, I just want to disclose that I am doing a series of “deep work”, devoting my one to three hours of work to focus on thing which requires a continuous cognitive ability, such as writing. Before this, I have written two posts, how the economic machine works and so good they can’t ignore you. This last post will follow a similar format, with a very short introduction and ended with a video from youtube. The idea is just to share anything that I’m interested with, while training myself to do the “deep work”. So, here is the third post.

Many times I found myself in a confusing situation for explaining my major, supply chain management. At first, I assume that it was because my lack of knowledge in the topic so that I couldn’t explain it clearly to people. But wait a second, I am not a dumb student. Up until now, I have finished 10 out of 12 subjects in my master, with H1 (First Class Honour) marks. So, lack of understanding in the topic is not an excuse.

Second, I was analysing the way I describe it to people. Probably it was because my lack of english? Yes it is! My ability in this so-called global language is limited, compared to my colleagues. Some people even were confused with my grammar, diction, or pronunciation. So I concluded that language must be the barrier in giving the clear understanding about my major. However, this conclusion is weak, in fact very weak if I consider people with the same language. Similarly, my fellow Indonesian also find a problem in understanding my major. In fact, it is really awkward to translate technical term into Indonesian language. Again, lack of language ability is definitely not an excuse.

Lastly, in desperation, I was looking for a simple explanation of supply chain management on youtube in the hope of finding a good way to explain this topic to the crowd. Eventually, a good video came into my attention. This video explain supply chain management in two characteristics: Chronological and Visual. Yep, that’s the key to explain something, it has to be in a nice sequence so that the audience could follow the idea flow and understand its big picture, it has to be visual so that the audience could easily remember the points by relating with certain images.

I won’t explain my major anymore if you were asking me, I will share the link of the below video instead! Hope you get a glimpse on what this lost boy of Bali studying recently!



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